Guildford Computers

Guildford Computers is a family business that was established in 2003 by buying "Guildford Computer and Hi-Fi Exchange". The shop was originally started in 1997 to provide an alternative to the high street chain stores. We are now one of only two remaining independent computer shops in Guildford and provide a complete service from build to repair to recycling. The owner Tim Benham has been in the micro-computer industry since its arrival in 1983. Working in varied techinical roles throughout the rise of PC domination in the 1990's. Observing the continuos miniaturisation of mainstream PCs we see the future being the portable computer! Currently spares for these machines are expensive - even on "The Net" and many parts for popular portables are hard to find and buy easily. So we are diversifying into that business initially on eBay where we have started the laptop spares adventure, Visit our eBay Parts store we hope you find what you need.