Deepdale Computer Services

Here at Deepdale we have been providing a premium service to Scarborough community, business and industry since 1991, the company being founded by John Thompson who remains managing director, and his wife Shirley as Company secretary. We began our journey by manufacturing bespoke electronic circuitry for satellite control units and servicing high speed cameras for the MOD. The move to computing was a natural progression, though the early days of building and repairing personal computers was a sometimes difficult art, experience that has stood us in good stead for today's technology! After early days sharing a workshop at the Wagon House at Seamer with Ward Electronics, in 1995 we opened a retail shop on Seamer Road Corner on Falsgrave which has now been demolished to make way for modern flats. After a short time, we moved across the road to the larger shop which was known locally as Quartons Corner and were joined by John Anderson, who has since become a director of the company.