Digital Office Solutions

Once upon a time a young apprentice, on finishing a Tool Makers apprenticeship decided he needed a change of career (could n't stand working in a factory). He liked tinkering, taking things apart and putting them back together again (manufacturers use far to many screws in assembling things). A friend suggested he try being a mobile service engineer fixing photocopiers for a photocopier company in Billingshurst West Sussex, the hardest part of the job was trying to keep his Fiesta van on the road (it kept falling off).

During this time he completed many manufacturers training courses. After 4 years he was head hunted, well not quite, a good friend had been offered a job working for a typewriter company in Burgess Hill who were opening a photocopier division, but he was talked out of taking the job, so our apprentice applied and was offered the job. He spent three years there running the photocopier service department in charge basically himself, ordering spares and consumables as required.