MIRAJ Computers

The founder and Director of the company, Mr. Javed, worked on programming Mini and mainframe computers back in 1979. This was only a few years before the first IBM PC was launched in 1981 with an Intel 8088 processor boasting a CPU speed of less than 5Mhz and RAM memory of 256Kb. Aah, the days of the early PC enthusiasts! From 1992 to 2001, Miraj undertook and successfully completed contracts on behalf of large corporations including Ferranti International, Aerosystems International, GEC-Marconi & British Airways (Engineering).

This meant people spent more time downloading content than actually enjoying it. In the UK, significant migration of domestic internet dial-up to broadband (also known as High speed internet access) started in about 2000 but it was still rather expensive. For comparison in download speeds and prices over the years, listed below are BT's top-of-the-range highest speed ADSL products:-.