PC Pitstop

We have introduced simple, new extended opening hours. We hope to always provide a more convenient service to you on your way to work, on your way back from work, or simply at a time that suits you. Even if you have a phone insurance policy which covers accidental damage, you might be much better off not using it. Our prices for replacement screens for the iPhone start at £49. This is less than the excess you will pay to make a claim on most phone insurance policies. It is usually much faster, cheaper and more convenient to come to PC Pitstop than to make a claim on a phone insurance policy.

For example, if you called Miele out, you can expect to pay £117 just to arrive at your house. Then you pay £72 for the first hour. Making the trip to your house and the first hour combined £189 + VAT, or £226.80. We will come to your home or business, and we will work for an hour all-in for just £45. Less than a fifth of the price of a washing machine engineer.