Wiztek Computers

Looking for a new computer or laptop? We stock a range of computers and laptops to fit all budgets. As well as new computers and laptops we carry a range of reconditioned laptops and computers to fit all budgets and needs. Our reconditioned laptops and computers are fully tested, and are ready to go complete with anti-virus as standard and come with a warranty. So whether you are looking for a replacement laptop or a cheap second laptop for the children we will have something to suit your needs and budget.

Is your computer or laptop running slow and not quite like it was when new? Your computer probably needs a ‘spring clean' to clear out the old files from deleted programs/updates, and general Internet usage, after a period of time these build up and slow down your computer/laptop and can make it sluggish. There is a cure, and with our years of experience in computer repair and optimisation, we can get your computer/laptop running up to speed again.