IPad Pro (37) Model MTXQ2B/A help

Good afternoon, I have an iPad as detailed above. I am semi-retired and use my iPad constantly both for personal use and also business eg business banking. I constantly have problems with e-mails/content not coming through (maybe a day later than my son/daughter-in-law) and often problems getting online. I have had someone check my Wi-Fi (Sky) and have powerline adaptors in all rooms and it seems to be fine. It was suggested that I perhaps haven’t set up my Yahoo account properly but others say this has nothing to do with it. As far as I can see I have loads of free storage. I would like someone to come to my house and check over my IPad with me to see where any issues might be. If this is something you can do I would appreciate a rough estimate of costs. Thanks, Elayne Blackwood

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14 Mar, 2024
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